Mount Horeb  House

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Imagine a place where hurting people can experience genuine recovery.  Mount Horeb House is that place!

Dan & Ann Geroy

Only Jesus can set the captives free. Only Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, can do the deep healing. Using that principle, we merely aim to be watchful and prayerful facilitators, walking alongside of those who are hurting, while God does the healing.  

Our goal is to see people find, not tolerable recovery, but genuine recovery, lasting peace and calm, freedom and restoration in Jesus Christ.  Our heart’s desire is to facilitate lasting change.  


About Mount Horeb House.....

At some time in our lives, each of us will face inner conflict, stress, emotional pain and loss.  Any one of these can push us to the limits of our faith and affect our personal life, marital or family relationships.  It is at this time that we need someone we can trust to listen, understand, and help chart a new course filled with real heart-changing solutions.

Mount Horeb House Ministries provides a safe, non-judgmental, and nurturing atmosphere, where God’s unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness are manifested. This warm and caring environment, in a confidential setting, helps people explore life’s struggles in a sensitive and practical manner.

At Mount Horeb House Ministries, we use a Biblical holistic model for the healing of life’s deepest wounds and the renewing of one’s mind.  Our ministers pray, ask questions, and watch God work.  However, one must be willing to go to the often painful memories of the past to redeem the present.  Jesus Christ tells us that He came to set the captives free so that we might have life to the full.  Our hope is that you might have a full and abundant life.

We offer one-on-one ministry sessions, specifically dealing with Christian identity, to help people discover the freedom which rightfully belongs to all who believe in Jesus Christ. Each person will explore his identity, destiny and examine where his security lies.

We provide a broad range of personal and family oriented services dealing with:

Anxiety   •   Sexual Abuse   •   Depression


Adolescent Issues   •   Life Decisions   •   Anger Issues


Marriage   •   Grief   •   Addictive Behaviors



The Road to Freedom & Restoration

in Jesus Christ