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Imagine a place where hurting people can experience genuine recovery.  Mount Horeb House is that place!

Dan & Ann Geroy

Dan and Ann Geroy work with a variety of people at Mount Horeb House using a prayer ministry approach which invites Jesus to bring healing to wounded hearts. They have traveled to Brazil, Belize, South Africa, Romania and Mexico sharing their ministry with others.

They are NOT licensed counselors by the State of Texas.  They are lay ministers and are members of the American Association of Christian Counselors.  As such, their approach to ministry is not teaching “coping skills” through cognitive therapy or through guided imagery.  They feel they offer hope of genuine recovery through prayer and power of the Holy Spirit. They work with people of all ages from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Ann is a graduate of Louisiana College, with a BA in education.  She is a master teacher, having trained other educators in science, learning styles, and brain based research.  She retired from teaching to direct her full attention to ministry.

Ann is also an author.  She wrote the book Looking With New Eyes which examines the steps of her personal healing journey from childhood sexual abuse.  The book was adopted by Precept Ministries, International, to be used in their prison ministry program.  It is available for purchase though this web-site.  Her newest book, Built with Stones of Turquoise, identifies struggles one may face as they experience emotional and spiritual healing. She describes ways to respond, with grace, when those around you do not understand the new you. This book is also available for purchase through this website. Ann is also  

As co-founder of Mount Horeb House, Ann works extensively as a prayer minister with women who have suffered sexual abuse.  She also writes and conducts retreats designed to encourage women to deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  She enjoys incorporating the things she has learned about learning into her writing and teaching.

Ann loves being out of doors and playing with the grandkids.  Photography, writing and decorating are her artistic outlets. Ann is also writing children's books and has been published in six anthologies.

 Chris Seifert  Chairman   •  Jude Geroy  Vice Chairman  •  Chris Daniel  Secretary/Treasurer

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 STAFF:  Dan Geroy, Executive Director   •   Ann Geroy, Executive Director    

Dan earned his BA in Education from Louisiana College and his Masters of Science in Educational Administration from Texas A&M.  He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, having completed his course work for "Caring for People God's Way."

He served in public education as a teacher, coach, assistant principal and then as principal of a large high school.  Dan retired after 32 years of service and began to minister full time using tools from his educational background coupled with prayer ministry to walk along side of hurting people. Dan designs many of the ministry helps used at Mount Horeb House.  He works with pastors and missionaries, as well as professionals, blue collar workers, children and men in prison.

Dan is the founder and serves as Director of Mount Horeb House Ministries. His passion is to help people find freedom in Jesus Christ by having their wounded hearts healed.

Dan enjoys making Raku pottery, reading, gardening and especially fly fishing.