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Imagine a place where hurting people can experience genuine recovery.  Mount Horeb House is that place!

Dan & Ann Geroy

Four Day Intensive

Four Day Intensives are offered for men struggling with sexual addition - especially internet pornography. Solution Focused Intentional Prayer ©, our primary ministry tool, promotes deep healing by getting to the source and origin of the problem.  One must be ready, willing and intentional for healing to take place.  Practical helps and instruction are also provided to bring genuine healing.

You will meet with an experienced prayer minister for four days. The teachings and processes that take place are specifically designed for each individual. We know that many times the shame and pain of sexual addiction have driven people into silence. Therefore, our sessions offer enough time for your initial needs to be met and for your on-going issues to be addressed.

Program Features:

Program Topics

Depending on the individual, some of the topics covered may include:

Lodging & Cost

Breaking Free from Internet Pornography Video

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We will send you a list of area hotels with the application packet.


A Four Day Individual Intensive plus 60 days of after-care is $1200. The program fee does not include lodging, transportation or meals. Please call us at 830-370-4470 to discuss fees, payment arrangements and information packet. Partial payment of $400 must accompany your application or payment may be made by credit card though PayPal on our website.  The balance of the payment must be made at the first session.

The program cost includes 60 days of after-care by phone or Skype. (One session per week - a total of 8 sessions.)  That is a total of 25 hours of ministry.Additional sessions are $50 each.

Applying for the Four Day Intensive

If you would like more information regarding the Four Day Intensive, please don't hesitate to contact Mount Horeb House Ministries at 830-370-4470 or email us at

An application must be submitted either by mail or on-line. Include a non-refundable deposit of $400 with your application.