Mount Horeb  House

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Imagine a place where hurting people can experience genuine recovery.  Mount Horeb House is that place!

Dan & Ann Geroy

Mount Horeb House incorporated and designated as a 501©3 charitable organization in 2008, initially began in 1999 as a place of retreat for pastors and missionaries in central Colorado.  In 2000, directors Dan and Ann Geroy, purchased a home with a cottage in Kerrville, TX.  Mount Horeb House became a bed and breakfast with the commercial operation allowing the Geroys to offer the cottage free of charge to pastors and missionaries.

After retiring from positions in public education in 2003, Dan and Ann began working with a wider range of people, still from their home.  Rapid growth required that the ministry be moved into a larger space, so new offices were opened in the Wells Fargo Building in Kerrville in 2009.  This allowed them to expand the base of the ministry by offering more opportunities for people to receive services.

Then in 2013, the Board of Directors approved a move to Kyle, TX, with a view toward establishing the ministry in the greater Austin area.

Mount Hob House continues to grow as people's hearts are healed, impacting their families, their jobs and their community. Most referrals are by word of mouth.  They currently work with people locally, nationally and internationally.


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